Left & Slide

Lift and slide doors of tremendous size can be opened and closed with the tough of fingers. One single operating handle activates a special hardware system that first “Lifts” the sliding door from a weather tight position than “Slides: with ease on rollers and tracks at the head & sill.

Lift & slide doors made of UPVC with a practical airing fration lifts & slides sash weights up to 300kg in tandem version up to 400kg.the be gives are fitted with cleaning brushes .The large opening idths combine the interior and outdoor space for a limitless version. The barrier free accesses to the outdoor area provider comfort foe all situations of life.

Sash weight up to max 400kg

Sash height up to max 400kg

Sash widths up to max 400kg

Slide & fold

The fold & slide fitting for large openings and full flexibility sash weight upto 80kg. Slide & fold effort less ly folds up fold & slide sash with upto seven sashes weighing upto 80kg per sash, thereby creating opening widths of upto 6.3matres. slide & fold sashes that open outwards open up new business segments.

Sash weight upto 80kg per sash

Sash rebate width from 450mm upto 1200mm (active sash)

Sash rebate height from 600mm upto 2400mm

Tilt & Slide

The tilt & slide enables the elements to be opened in a tilted position or slid paralled to the window frame to same space conventional pivoting sashes, by contrast, take up a great deal of space in the room when open opening widths upto 4m are possible.

The tilt & slide system can be used for sash heights upto 2700mm and sash weights up to 20kg opening width upto 125mm